Reply To: Federal judge holds Colorado registry is punishment; violates Eighth Amendment


Unconstitutional , I guess that does stand to reason. I am sure at the time of everybody’s offense they were intimidated by the good old police throwing their force around here and their. While the truth will finely come out as this discussion was made their is still a lot more steps to go. What gets me about this whole thing is that we have certain unalienable rights, and yes we all do have a right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
If you’ll notice this country had its roots and the foundation was biblical. I know I hate to throw that in but even a little bit of the word is better than none. Instead of reconciling case matters they want to banish some from being an American citizen. As for me and a lot on here I would rather be working but it seems that sex offenders don’t stand a chance when they are labeled that by law enforcement. My hats off to this Judge that understands the biblical laws as well as the civil laws and can understand the difference when it comes to human lives. Just look what happened when the police wanted to get a blood sample from a victim and the nurse refused or should we all be bullied by those in blue…What was that famous line.. We are done.. We are done you are under arrest. Talk about two rules clashing together.