Reply To: Federal judge holds Colorado registry is punishment; violates Eighth Amendment

Counting the days

As a RSO convicted of a misdomeanor non contact internet offense, I am glad that someone of judicial authority is stepping up to recognize that public shaming, loss of habitat, and banishment is by definition punishment.
I do feel violent offenders of ANY crime need to be more closely monitored, but to group all “offenders” together is marking every apple as bad.
90% of us made a mistake that we take responsibility for, we accepted the courts punishment ( in my case, probation) and want to get on with being a contributing member of society. Registries all but stop that.
It’s been shown that registries hurt far more than help, and cause problems on all sides.
Let’s end this draconian practice and spend the state and federal funds where they are needed, instead of where a few can profit, mainly jails, prisons, police depts. , and politicians.

Thank you for letting me comment.