Reply To: Federal judge holds Colorado registry is punishment; violates Eighth Amendment

M.A.-From Penn

NARSOL you are doing a fantastic job as usual!! Thanks to all of you there helping!!

Finally another court recognizing what “punitive” means. I am hoping to see a “snow ball” affect more and more especially with the ruling from PA Supreme Court just the month before last.

I became a member of NARSOL recently so I could post on their “secured-members only forum”. Not that active yet but as more and more registrants find out about it (and become a member) I am sure it will be and will provide a lot of good information “privately”. For anonymity reasons.

I have sent a few donations already to NARSOL; no I am not talking about $25 or $75 I am talking about what ever amount I can possibly dig up here and there even it is just $5.23 like I just sent (I can’t afford much more than that). I generate the checks thru my online banking. If NARSOL gets even small amounts like this from 15,000 that is a lot of money to be used for support of the legal fund and administrative support that “backbones” decisions like this.

“Let our voices be heard”!! – Thanks again NARSOL !!