Reply To: NO! We don’t need another sex offender law to fight

john schultz

Amen Trish. Amen to that. Snap out of whatever funky spell you are under and get the hell off your high horse. Sex offenses today are seen much like crimes against the Church once were. They are political offenses of the highest order. If you are unable to process this you are in good company because very few can connect the dots. These laws represent a fundamental rewrite of the social contract we all know as a free and just society. They are designed to incapacitate men, all men, in a virtual cage of fear, fear of anything remotely sexual. They promise a world of hapless, woebegone men, soulless , petrified. Imagine such a dystopian world, right out of H.G. Wells . It is the FEMINIST dogma writ large. Check out UM feminist law professor Kathlene McKennon for a primer on this. Dont judge until you do minimal due diligence.