Reply To: Federal judge holds Colorado registry is punishment; violates Eighth Amendment


john schultz

Hey Donnie, assuming you really are a rso, which I doubt, I suggest you publish your info for everybody here to see.? If not, why not? It is easy, let me demonstrate..My name is John M. Schultz, I live in Az, I am a CITIZEN of THE U.S.A. , and a politcal prisoner, violated and persecueted mercilessly for over 30 years running by my own COUNTRY. Every single right we hold dear and sacred has been spit upon by minds full of hate and fear, ignorance and hypocrisy. I have spent my entire life praying for a miracle, a sliver of hope for redemption. . I personally and for all the world to see humble myself in tears at the feet of my maker and thank you Dear God for this devine intervention. What is now before us is nothing less than the work of GOD. A Miracle for all of history to marvel upon and hopefully never repeat.