Reply To: Federal judge holds Colorado registry is punishment; violates Eighth Amendment


One of the reason’s that I have not been on here in so long was that it seems everybody on here was a bit paranoid in some ways. Believe it or not we all did wrong if you really want to think about it. We all make errors. We’re only human. We just passing the buck so to speak. This news that Robin posted is very good news.
Hey Judges and district attorney’s make mistakes but they don’t want to admit it. Who wants to admit their mistakes. Did Eve want to admit her mistake? Something good always comes out of something bad. The bad thing is I have meet people here that had kids and one of the children said daddy touched me or something like that or some other person make up of a sexual encounter that probably never happened.
Answer a question. How would they know the lady was caught in adultry if they hadn’t seen it for themselves? Anybody can lie but true Justice is True justice. I think the USA has in the past few months has finely woken up to this low class sex debauchery scheme that could actually drive a person to drink much less commit suide and I don’t wish that on anyone under the sex registry.
And if you want to talk about punitive damages what about the health and welfare of those under this sexual registry strain that can’t get a job or even be near their kids or things of that nature. What about the money that everyone has spent for fine’s and classes and other things that seem up in smoke. I honestly think justice has a lot to answer if you ask me. And as always I appreciate all the efforts of those that stand up for justice.