Reply To: Studies show female sexual offenders prevalent


What a report!!

Very interesting article that should be sent to the Dept of Education, Title IX office specifically, DOJ, and every Congressional person in WDC to read and understand the true myth behind campus “rape culture” is not a one side affair, but goes both ways as the empirical data states. Yes, I know empirical data that cannot be trusted unless it swings a certain way in the interpretation or it is false to begin with.

It would also be nice if folks understood the large amount of female teachers today being told about in the media who are having relationships with students are not new but part of the prevalent data set and being presented to show the true and real side of the issue not being a male issue only.

Would be nice to see NARSOL publish this report too ($20 through the website) if they could that is found at the bottom of this article:

Sexual victimization perpetrated by women: Federal data reveal surprising prevalence

(P.S. this could be on the revolving news banner up top on the main page and garner more attention which I think it should)