Reply To: Simple exposure brings lifetime of cruel and unusual treatment for disabled son, family



Just because I of anyone else here in this discussion says that these justices system goodie-two-shoes are scum doesn’t mean I expect you and your professionals to go saying that to them. I have said before on here that I do not claim to be nor attempt to be “professional” in the things I say. I say it in layman’s terms and I hope that you at least catch on to what I’m saying and perhaps can re-word it more professionally in your future endeavors against these ridiculous laws and convictions.
There ARE ways to be professional and make someone feel ridiculous for what they’ve done. Such as how ridiculous AND ASHAMED this judge and prosecutor should feel for what they did to a man with a mental illness.
What’s next? Putting a person with Down syndrome on the registry because he forgot to pull up his zipper after using the restroom in a public place?
These lawmakers, judges and prosecutors ARE scum. But you can find a more professional way of saying that to them and making sure they “feel the burn”.