Reply To: Simple exposure brings lifetime of cruel and unusual treatment for disabled son, family


I’ve mentioned that several times on here about all of us marching on Washington or wherever we’d need to March and guess what…… they’re all scared!
Someone even made the suggestion that they’d have handcuffs ready to arrest all 800,000 of us. That person needs a reality check BIG TIME.

No one is ever going to do anything like that because even those who TRY to stick up for us keep pandering to the “we understand the victim’s life changing experiences” motto. As if every single person who was a teenager (and legal age differing from state to state) was soooooo harmed by a consensual sexual experience. Just because it’s illegal to do something with someone who isn’t yet 16 or 17 or 18 by that particular state’s laws, doesn’t mean the younger person MUST be referred to as a “victim”.
How come when teenagers get ahold of drugs and alcohol they aren’t referred to as “victims”? Drugs and alcohol are NOT NATURAL acts. Sex and our sexuality and our desire to experience sex IS A NATURAL ACT.
I can agree that if it’s against the law then it’s against the law. But if it’s no different than Elvis Presley and Priscilla, then it should NOT have to turn into a “omg the poor victim” fiasco.

I was 15 when I sowed my wild oats with a 22 yr old woman whom I kept pushing for sex. Pushed and pushed until she caved. I was 2 weeks away from being the legal age in my state so technically she committed a sexual offense and I’m technically a “victim”. Ha!
No one gets to tell ME how I feel about something as natural as sex at a POST PUBESCENT age. I am no more a victim than Donald Trump is a liberal.

But no one dares to discuss these types of situations. Nope. It goes against the “what about the victim” narrative. Not to mention all those “victims” who eventually MARRIED their alleged perpetrators.