Reply To: Simple exposure brings lifetime of cruel and unusual treatment for disabled son, family

Sandy Rozek
Sandy Rozek

We find that thinking of others in terms of absolutes, especially when those absolutes are pejorative, is non-productive.

This is part of the attitude we abhor, e.g., “Sex offenders are dangerous; they have all hurt someone.” You yourself know how untrue this is and have often railed against it.

We and our advocates have, in quite a few different states, made progress and found some success in legislation by working with legislators. Were we to adapt the attitude that all — or even most — legislators are scum, that would be harmful to our willingness to embrace a collaborative position with the very people who can help us. Who would want to align themselves with someone who was thought of as scum?

And….”our” attorneys? Maestro, we don’t have attorneys on staff. We are an all-volunteer organization. All of our work is done by our all-volunteer board of directors and a few other dedicated, hard-working volunteers. We have been fortunate to have in several instances gained the interest of civil rights attorneys who were already involved or interested in being involved in cases that held promise for benefiting a significant number of people on the registry. That is one of our major goals. We hope you are in agreement with it.