Reply To: Simple exposure brings lifetime of cruel and unusual treatment for disabled son, family



First of all, I am NOT “antiAmerican.” I just state the obvious facts which are the ridiculous laws made by people with their heads shoved up their own asses and they’re the people running the country. WE as the taxpayers do not get to vote on laws.

Second; You have the ability to edit any language I use prior to posting my comments. In the comment which you decided was too grown up for the virgin eyes on here to read, I took the liberty of censoring my own words by using an asterisk in place of certain letters.

And to Mr Jonny Everyman,

Do swear words hurt? They are words aren’t they? They are found in the dictionary and therefore I will use them when I am passionate about something.
Also, I do stay on topic. It’s not my fault if reading comprehension is not anyone’s strong point on here.

I made a damn good comment in regards to these PIECES OF (let me censor myself) S**T who decided that a mentally retarded man should be labeled a sex offender.

How about everyone stops crying about language and just allow us to speak our DIRECT THOUGHTS about these issues? I’m not going to pretend I’m not angry with this crap just to please some folks who want to pretend they’ve never used such language in their lives.

“Anti American” you say…. Ha!
Anti-religion, damn skippy. And I don’t recall referring to anyone here being “stupid” for their religious beliefs. I just point out how religion itself is stupid, contradictory and extremely dated.