Reply To: NO! We don’t need another sex offender law to fight


john schultz

Sandy, im terrified about using email, im probably not compliant with reporting eidentifyers. In any case, I cant access my email. It is years ago since I used it and my new devices are part of my stepfathers plan. I cant figure out how to synce my tablet to my old email. Stupid me. Anyway, that is my email. You could text me. My phone is 2624558709, or post it on your blog, which by the way is super helpful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Im a foot soldier from today onward. A poor schmuck but Ill help however Im anle. Sorry about the bogus email I provided, Im frozen with fear. And my lawyer says they got defense, strict liability. Im praying for a miracle. Thanks in advance for everything you guys do, Sincerely, john m. schultz