Reply To: Illinois columnist butchers Gospel, panders to baseless fear

Dick Tracry

Jesus once said, “I desire mercy not sacrifice.” People who don’t know and are not know by Jesus Christ will misinterpret the word of God to their advantage. These people along with those ignorant followers have no idea what Jesus Christ is about or why He came to earth to die for us. If these lawmakers were walking the earth during the time Jesus was here, I have no doubt in my mind that they’d be one of those people crucifying Jesus. These laws are cruel, and unusual, not to say terrible punishments that hardly leaves us any hope whatsoever on this earth and with these people that are so hateful. I thank God that He has chosen me and no matter what anyone says I am justified in Gods eyes. But let us not forget what the bible says friend, ” Judgement is without mercy to him who shows no mercy.” Today its us, tomorrow it could be you.