Reply To: NARSOL calls on Zuckerberg, Facebook to change policy

Robin Vander Wall
Robin Vander Wall

Not a lot to work with because Zuckerburg never responded. We will continue to watch if anything develops on the legal front. As it has been explained before, there is no clear path to challenge the constitutionality of Facebook’s corporate policy banning SOs from using the social network. It is not an open/shut kind of question. And, right now, it’s probably not winnable without an exhaustive effort and some expensive attorneys. A challenge of this kind would benefit from a legal precedence in some unrelated federal case where a Circuit Court held the internet to be a public utility. Then we might have a legal platform from which to launch a legitimate claim. But right now, we have no effective means of forcing FB to change its policy.

I believe it is appropriate to add that Zuckerburg’s failure to respond–or even to have someone else respond on his behalf–evinces a substantive lack of character on his part. One has to wonder how a man of such capacity and good fortune could be so lacking in humility, grace, and simple etiquette. Perhaps the fates will provide him a reason to reflect on this as his years pass by him.