Reply To: Simple exposure brings lifetime of cruel and unusual treatment for disabled son, family

Gwen Doshen

My son died Sunday August 27th 2017. Living in Florida everyone knows is the worst state for sexual crimes. The police that came to get his body said they could not find his next of kin so I can only surmise that they were so stupid they did not know if his name was put in Google his next of kin would show immediately under his offender status? No they just treated him like a piece of garbage and the police officer was so incompetent he listed cause of death as natural causes which is not only illegal but incorrect. Then they took him to the charity morgue. Nobody has yet to call is and I was told by FDLE that his status would stay on the internet for a year even though he is DEAD. What a horrible place FL is and I can only wish that the officials experience an even worse experience than we have in the death of our son. We have lost a child and they don’t give a damn. I hope they rot in hell.