Reply To: Simple exposure brings lifetime of cruel and unusual treatment for disabled son, family



I have been coming here reading these and all posts for a long while now.
I too am a RSO, do you really think that they(government) really care about what we think, or go through? Hell no!
It is more profitable to keep us on the registry, than to get rid of it!
This country (that I served as a US Marine) is no longer the same democrocy that it was. It is now a buracrocy, for the government by the government.
So what really make one person, or group of persons believe that it (government) cares at all about us?
Until major change, and I mean MAJOR, like another civil war, come about, we will be as we are…
Maybe…. if all the RSO’s got together all 800,000 or so… went to Washington DC …. marched up to the whitehouse and stuck up our middle finger and said…”we ain’t gonna take it any more, to hell with your rules! Maybe… maybe
But it it’ll never happen!

“Maybe in the year 2424, if man is still alive”. Quote from an old song