Reply To: Simple exposure brings lifetime of cruel and unusual treatment for disabled son, family

Darrel Hoffman

This is the results of a witch hunt started in the ’80’s with the McMartin School incident and people like Oprah Winfrey who have cried for years about “child molesters” and the “evil sex offenders” who need to be dropped off in the Atlantic Ocean and run off the face of the Earth. Rather than actually looking at the situation and making common sense decisions, politicians from BOTH parties have run helter skelter to pass as many of these archaic and ridiculous laws in spite of the Constitution just so they can say they’re tough on “sex offenders” and get re-elected. The all started with that little girl in New Jersey, Megan, who now has a law named after her because of a sex offender who didn’t learn his lesson the first time, who turned around and lured her into his home where he assaulted and killed her. Her grieved and bitter parents pushed this law not caring about the ramifications it would have on others. Did this law bring back their daughter? No!!! Does it prevent others from molesting children? NO!!! What it does do is violate our Constitution on several issues, but the Supreme Court won’t hear it, bypassing the issue by saying it’s not a “punishment”. Since when is life-time probation NOT a punishment? And now we read how a mentally disabled young man is molested himself and taught by an evil person to expose himself when he has no cognitive understanding of what he was doing. This should have NEVER went to trial let alone plea bargain. My nephew went through the same thing here in Michigan and this State threatened to civilly commit him as a threat to society, although he hardly leaves the house. Shame on this country to prosecute such persons in the name of a witch hunt!!!!!