Reply To: Simple exposure brings lifetime of cruel and unusual treatment for disabled son, family


I have a lady I see from time to time and yes she is my church chaperone but now she is in a nursing home. Yes people with disabilities have it really rough. I see many in nursing homes when I go see my friend. Sure I admit I had a little brain tumor when I was three but I got thru all this and now my probation officer says I’m smarter than some of the folks in these sex offense ordeals. I even told my probation I have one of the best advocates going. He didn’t even know Jesus Christ is the best advocate. If everybody reads Romans 13 carefully they will find out all of a lot of this is a farce. Sure I’ve have nightmares’ but after 5 yrs. on probation enough is enough. I cannot image what disabled people go thru with all this oppression much less their well being and their emotional state of mind.

So you see civil law is clashing with Christian law and these two don’t mix. So how do you abuse someone that’s disabled? You know the love of money is the root to all evil and other kids’ putting others up to things like showing themselves to others is a bit out of character and than someone finds out and than police get involved and think they are doing something to protect others. What if that person didn’t want to be protected anyway. We all something have to let things go by the wayside but true justice is what most all sex offenders need. Emotional status’s can heal but when you beat someone down with emotional strain than you have to use the word of the Lord effectively. And believe it or not Christian’s have made mistakes also. Even the police officer that busted me said before I entered the court room, when ask if he was a Christian, finely told me. That’s what you call brother lee love or loving thy neighbor… I don’t think so.