Reply To: Illinois columnist butchers Gospel, panders to baseless fear




All religions contradict themselves. Most of them all follow some portion of the Old Testament of the Hebrew god and there’s tons of contradictions in there.
I’m now an atheist after many years of believing in an obvious fairytale. However, since everyone is entitled to believe whatever they want, I will continue to point out the ones who don’t FOLLOW in what they claim to believe. Much like the idiot who wrote the article on discussion here.
My favorite pet peeve about religious people is that they say one thing and do another. If people are going to condemn others when their “Jesus” supposedly said “let he without sin cast the first stone”, then we ALL may as well abandon religion and just live for ourselves in our own way.
It does NOT take religion to have morals. To say it does is to lie just like saying EVERY person with ANY type of sexual offense is DANGEROUS.

Also, sex “offenses” are only offenses because of man made laws proclaiming them to be. Peeing in a public place because you can’t hold it anymore should not be a sex offense. Teenagers taking nudes of themselves because NATURE causes them to be experimental should not be a sex offense.
These laws can change. That’s why I don’t take them so seriously. They ARE serious when you get arrested for it, but they are also a joke for existing in the first place.