Reply To: Illinois columnist butchers Gospel, panders to baseless fear

Capt Charles Munsey Jr. USN (Ret)

This is the e-mail that I sent to Ron. Unless one studies the Bible so much can be taken out of context to support a non-Biblical point of view.

Ron, I read with much interest your article on the mentioned subject. Let me first of all introduce myself. I am a ‘child’…a child of God that is. That is the same ‘child’ that is mentioned in the Bible. We are all creations of God but as we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior we are welcomed into the family and become ‘children of God’. I am also a 29 year Navy veteran; a loving son and father; a committed member of my community and church; active in aircraft restoration; a student of the relationship of the Bible and politics; a facilitator of a small group that meets weekly in my home to study a variety of Biblically related subjects; a writer of aviation history; a platelet donor to treat cancer patients…80 gallons thus far; and , oh yes, a sex offender. I do not try to keep it a secret as I do not like ‘living in the shadows’. My situation took place 18+ years ago and involved my daughter after the tragic, unexpected death of my wife and her mother. It had a negative impact on both of us and things happened that should not have happened. We have since come to grips with the unsavory past and have now reconciled and are good friends. She has moved to Florida to be close by with her daughter…my granddaughter. It would appear that you believe “the offender gets his life back” and that “the victim never does.” For one who likes to quote the Bible, you surely seem to have missed a lot. ‘Forgiveness’ is the great healer and until the offender can forgive himself and the victim can forgive the offender, life is never returned to normality. Remaining a victim is a choice, not a necessity. Some feel comfortable settling into the ‘state of victim-hood’ while others come to know the freedom that comes from forgiveness. And self forgiveness is probably the most difficult of all; I know it was for me. But when God enters the ‘picture’, peace for all parties can be obtained.
As for my lifestyle, prior to and since my sex offense conviction, I have never had so much as a parking ticket. I coached youth soccer for both boys and girls and would be proud to let you interview any of the kids as to my dedication to them and the sport. I served as a leader in Boy Scouts and helped in my daughter’s Girl Scout troop…same comment applies as to my dedication. Even further, I supported my children’s involvement with school orchestra…same comment applies to my dedication. I received several awards for work in the PTA and leadership in my neighborhood’s civic league. Since moving to Florida 14 years ago to help my aging parents, I have built my retirement home and enjoy the peace of a nice neighborhood. When I first moved in I notified my new neighbors of my background…a full background resume vice one that looks only for ‘dirt’. I get along fine with my neighbors and have served on the HOA board. My friends and neighbors have all written letters to Virginia in support of me. I find contentment in serving my community as I always have and as I did serving my country.
So I might ask you the question…am I the kind of person you want sent to some distant woods to live? If you do your research you will find that most sex offenders just want to recover their lives and the lives of their families. How many children have you destroyed by ‘scarlet lettering’ a parent? I understand that there has always been people like you in this world. For some hidden reason they want to condemn others so as to avoid the condemnation due themselves. I pray that folks like you will come to understand the Word of God in its full meaning and repent of the damage you are doing by your vile descriptions of sex offenders; descriptions that are full of deceit, lies, hate, paranoia, and false fears. And if not, may you come to know the wrath of God in time to save you from a life of eternal damnation.