Reply To: Illinois columnist butchers Gospel, panders to baseless fear


Don’t hand me no lies and keep your hands to yourself. Humm whats a child sex molester is that the same as an adult child sex molester. Sounds pretty cold to me. Now I have to admit in human history there have been child molesters, but even heathen’s are born with ethnics.
This writer seems to never been thru any type of experience with these sex laws. Now no one wants to admit their on the sex registry. Now morals are morals and human behavior depends how one is brought up. Now if you want to go far with your “yellow journalism” we could talk about Presidents, Priests, Teachers, lawyers, and just about everybody on the planet. A sin is a sin, wheather its of the mind or of a physical nature.
It you really want to know the truth forgivness is better than any medicine on earth. Lying on the telephone to con someone into all this sex BS is a farce. Molestation is another thing if it happens to be a teenager but what about the adult.. OOps we forgot about that one.
Sure nobody supposed to hit a child much less molest them or who shocked you on the playground or when you went to the urinal shook his thing at you and you told mommy and she told police. Their are ways for people to conduct themselves in public as well as in private. Hey don’t even think a sexual thought and you don’t even have to worry about all this. Now where’s the money that police con out of people daily. Who’s gonna really go around and pinch someone on the tush. So go cry a river I’m sick of all this sexual drama that amounts to almost nothing. If there’s money involved the police will get it or the courts they are hypocrites for a lot of nonsense in most cases.