Reply To: Illinois columnist butchers Gospel, panders to baseless fear


Suzy A

I just wrote an email to the writer of the article, Ron Jackson. Here is what I said:


I read your article. I’m sorry you were hurt at some point in your life. I can see it in your eyes.. because I have been hurt too. I’m also sorry you haven’t been able to heal that.

95% of sex offenders do not reoffend. Your article did not mention that. Why was the guy homeless? Perhaps he can find no where to live. Sentenced to a life of shame for a mistake made 21 years ago. Is your community keeping alive… daily… the mistakes you made 21 years ago? I hope not.

If we are to have a better society in the name of the Lord we best find the bridges and stop the outcasting.

Homelessness, shame, shunning, outcast, these could lead to the 5%; so how can we address that in a way that would make Jesus smile down on our bigness of heart, our practice of forgiveness, helping a man up and not beating him down.

In spite of it all, homeless without reoffending. He must be doing something right.