Reply To: Illinois columnist butchers Gospel, panders to baseless fear


Thomas Darby

I shudder at the false claims and draconian views of people like this columnist. I pray for them, that they see reality and change their views. With their hateful, fear mongering words, they have destroyed more children’s lives than the average child molester. In 1997 I managed to get convicted for a crime I did not commit, of molesting my 4-year-old granddaughter. I spent my 7 years in prison, completed parole. I had no contact with the victim, or my ex wife, although I’d checked on Facebook to see what they looked like now. Yet, only last year, nearly 20 years after the fact, my ex wife found me on Facebook and began posting hateful things. I got messages, even, from the now-adult “victim” for whom I was nothing but a loving grandpa. She said I’d “ruined” her life, even though her own Facebook profile shows a happy young woman attending a University.. What’s my point? My ex wife has become an evangelist for her own church of hatred, pushing the child (and others) to believe falsehoods. At age 4, the best thing for the child would have been to return to normal life. Instead my ex, and those around her, forced the child to remember, forever, how she was molested, hurt, destroyed. My ex believed and promoted people like this reporter, the nancy Grace’s, Mark Lunsfords, John Walsh’s and Marc Klaas’s of this world. My ex wife’s threats eventually forced me to move 2400 miles in order to live on my disability income.

God does not appreciate corruption of His Word. To equate the salvation of souls by Christ (“little children”) to child molestation is blasphemous. Their words are empty, but are controlled by the devil. To paraphrase Hosea 8:7, “They that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind.” God forgive them.