Reply To: Illinois columnist butchers Gospel, panders to baseless fear


The negative stigm placed on people on the registry is nothing more than the fear needed to keep the jails filled and the registry funded. It has proven time and time again to do nothing to keep a child safe . In fact it puts hundreds of children (kids of those on the registry) in harms way. Bullied by neighbors and kids in school. Some to the point they have attempted to take their own life just not to have to live forever in shame and bullied. It keeps kids and families in constant turmoil and unstable. People loose their homes and become homeless because no one will hire them . The Registry placed a back handed twist to keep them out of jobs , because they publicly put anyone that hired them right under their name . Many as soon as they find out they will have their business listed as employers to sex offenders simple refuse to even look at a resume . Most are over qualified but because law makes make them put address and place of employment they say ” it’s just not good for business ” . This is cruel and unusual punishment and it’s for life. It needs to be abolished! Public access to criminal records and the registry is destroying thousands daily . Stop the hate and spread facts ! At least put a public registry for all types of criminals not just those on the SO registry. Enough is enough stop making something out of nothing just to keep funds rolling in and the jails full. Justice is not justice if only some people get treated to it.