Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



Based on the New findings of the Pennsylvania Constitution — Pennsylvania’s Ex Post Facto Clause would be taken a bit of time to get people off the registry like myself tier II under the 2012 SORNA. origanally to the 10 year of regestering year of 1999 of tier I of my original sentencing. It is to my understanding of the new findings that the date of the new findings of the punitive will arise in actions of a huge lawsuits from the date of the findings to the date of the actual removing of the registry. Because it violates the constitutional rights and laws. So my best guess is to contact the local attorneys and get the free advices. If the findings are true then the state has to give a short time to removal of the registry in a reasonable time allowed but no further than a set date. If there is a such date. After the due date than yes, sue the hell out of PA! Why not!!!