Reply To: NO! We don’t need another sex offender law to fight

R. Arens

Interesting. I too, look at the word “pedophile” more as a verb than a noun. A man can commit a sex crime once in his life and never do it again. Because he has a rap sheet for a single incident throughout the course of his life doesn’t mean he’s psychologically wired to keep doing it over and over. “Pedophile” is a word of the ignorant. I committed theft, arson, public intoxication and no one labels me a boozer or a firebug or a thief. When it comes to sex crimes, whoah nelly, look out hide your daughters cause the big bad perv is coming. (Gimme a break!) ya. Those guys are stupid ignorant. They’ll never know the goings on in a sex offenders lives and how petty ass bogus it is until they themselves, their friends or family has to go through it.