Reply To: NO! We don’t need another sex offender law to fight



I knew I’d get probation but I did not know what the conditions/restrictions of probation would be until AFTER I made my plea deal. Then I was given the list I’d have to adhere to.

Also, I feel probation is useless for ANY crime. My reasons why? Simple;

If you commit a crime that COULD get you 10 yrs incarcerated but the D.A. decides to give you only 2 or 3 yrs to serve in prison, why can’t it just be that and we’re done with it? If my consensual relationship with a teenager wasn’t “all that bad” for 10 yrs of incarceration, then give me the measly 2 yrs and then let me get back on with my life.
You keep saying “punishment”. No, it’s not just punishment, it’s also very lame EXCUSES. For example; The probation officer will say “You can’t use a computer because you met this young girl via a website”.
Yeah, and? When I’m off probation I can use a computer all I want and being off probation doesn’t change how I met her.
What probation is saying is – “You cannot be trusted”.
Well wait a minute….if I’m only on probation for say 5 yrs, I’m not to be trusted for only those 5 yrs? What!!??
That makes 0 sense.

Nothing can bring back the time spent in prison; Relatives pass away, your children are born, someone gets married and you cannot be there. So WTF more do they need from us by giving us MORE “punishment” (as you call it) on probation?
Every single human being is on “probation”. Don’t break the law and you won’t ever get arrested. That’s basically probation for everyone.

Also, here in CT , our state budget is so bad that over the last 3 yrs or so, they’ve laid off several probation officers. Mine was one of them and I had to start seeing a new one after already establishing a somewhat good relationship with the previous one.

And I also don’t try to include “parole” in my discourse about supervision because we don’t ask for parole or get given parole automatically. We EARN parole. And parole can be denied no matter how good you’ve been while in prison.

If they truly feel the need for probation (I don’t see why) then let probation be simple; Stay out of trouble and prove that you can get along well in society.
Forcing us to not do this or that is not proving anything other than we can adhere to a direct order. Bullocks!