Reply To: NO! We don’t need another sex offender law to fight




You are a prime example for the bleeding hearts to stop lumping everyone together and condemning us.
One of the issues that sex offender “treatment” (what a joke) had talked about several times in regards to the crimes of others in the group is that when children are molested it has a life long and life altering effect on them and they may act out the same things that were done to them when they’re older. Keep in mind I’m on the train track of “save the children/help the children” bandwagon. Ok. So….

You were molested as a child, and in that moment people and victims advocates would have coddled you and felt sorry for you. Keeping in mind that they are the ones who also said that victims like yourself might act out what was done to you.
So what happens…..?
You end up doing something that is deemed a sexual offense and suddenly you go from “poor victim” to “disgusting low life pervert”.

Isn’t it ironic?
This should be thrown in the faces of lawmakers and anyone who commits a sexual offense because of what was done to them in their youth should be excused from ever having to register as a sex offender.

Funny how human beings don’t give a shit about one another when we’re adults, eh?