Reply To: NO! We don’t need another sex offender law to fight


Maestro, The state of TN has lifetime supervision. I know. I’m on it! According to TN Code Annotated 39-13-524 violent sex offenders (including rapists and child molesters and those guilty of statutory rape by an authority figure OR any attempt of these) are subject to community supervision for life once they complete their prison sentence or time on regular probation/parole/community corrections.

According to TCA 39-13-525 an offender has to be on lifetime supervision for a minimum of 15 calendar years without any violations. At the end of 15 years the offender can petition the sentencing court to be removed from lifetime supervision, but the court is under NO DUTY to grant the petition. If an offender is turned down, he or she must wait 3 years to renew the petition. Again, the court is under no obligation to ever release an offender from supervision. The state of TN has many sex offenders on lifetime supervision. So don’t discount lifetime supervision. I’m on it and I hate having my rights abridged.