Reply To: NO! We don’t need another sex offender law to fight



The victim moving won’t be an option. No lawmaker would dare make such a politically (although correct) demand. After all, she was the innocent child victim of this man and as we all know the mantra is that the victim’s “damaged goods” for life. I know I’ll be cold-hearted for this, but I’m going to tell a truth far too many others are afraid to tell out loud in public. Many victims stay victims for life because of their own choice to do so. When you’re the “poor innocent victim” people feel sorry for you and act as if they’re obligated to meet the every whim of the victim to make up for the injustice perpetrated on them so many years ago. Everybody feels sorry for the victim. Nobody feels sorry for the abuser, although I will readily state the abuser sealed his or her own fate when they committed the crime. That’s not to say I agree with these unconstitutional and draconian sex offender laws that are more about revenge and retaliation than true scientifically proven steps to ensure justice for the victim AND REFORM FOR THE OFFENDER ONCE TIME HAS BEEN SERVED.