Reply To: Alabama case now before 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals


Good Luck with any relief from the State of Alabama…. the entire state is (in my opinion – CORRUPT).. finding a honest lawyer isn’t possible where I live… you cannot bring one in from another county.. they will get NO WHERE….except a scare and warning not to return…
Until the people in the judicial system die out and there are no more lemmings left to replace them.. the entire judicial system will forever be corrupt.. (it is NOT limited to sex offenders either–works against anyone that has drank one beer and drove, or gets caught with one joint,.. they become instant depraved criminals that are dangerous and pose a threat to the rest of the world) and they get shafted through the courts without an HONEST lawyer..they are found guilty, even if its a plea deal..they get UNJUSTLY SCREWED….this is AFTER their face is posted on EVERY news channel, website, newspaper, flyer, etc..etc for at least a week.. forget getting another job…or ever having friends.. you are a pariah…SIMPLY TO GET RE-ELECTED and further their corrupt state…(Allegedly- even the ABI/FBI can’t/won’t touch them!!!!!!!!!!!!!)