Reply To: NO! We don’t need another sex offender law to fight



There’s also the issue of statutory offenses where the “perpetrator” later marries the “victim” and they now not only live together but have several children. What’s supposed to happen in those instances? Husband and wife can no longer live together? What about when it’s a juvie offense between siblings/cousins/relatives and the court has already determined it’s safe for the offender to return home? What about if the offender already lived in/ owned the home before the offense and the victim was a neighbor? What if, without realizing it, the victim moves into the neighborhood where the offender lives and then later becomes aware–in fact, what’s to stop victims from moving in close to their offenders to drive them out of stable housing? Most residency restrictions dodge the ex-post facto argument by grandfathering in those who were already living in a place before the restriction was passed, is a home owner now no longer allowed to live in his own home, is someone who is settled now forced to move? The potential legal nightmares of this law, not to mention the ethical and moral ones, are staggering.