Reply To: CA judge “Turner-ed” by lying victim’s statement, fears recall


My case is very similar to this. I had a minor lie to me about her age, which resulted in a 3 year prison sentence. I was repeatedly to all the proof that I had that she told me she was 18 could not be used because you are not aloud to incriminate a minor. My life is destroyed over it. They need to change that you can prove that a minor lied to you about their in the court system. I do not see this any different as someone that has a STD and knows and sleeps with you, and you get contract the disease. Both scenarios do not give a person the choice to say no. Yes, it is a dumb ass decision to sleep with a random stranger that has a lot of risk, but should someone lying to you about their should not put a person on the sex offender registry for life. I am college educated and a veteran with 0 prior criminal history. I can not find a job and my are in the late 70s. I am sure a lot of use are in the same situation living with our parents and wondering what the hell we are going to do to not be homeless when they go. This whole thing needs to change and change fast. The whole thing makes me feel like serving my country in the army was a waste. What I know today with how US congress, state congress and city councils are out blatantly saying FU to the constitution to keep on punishing after you served your time. I would have not served.