Reply To: Residency restrictions cut back in Wisconsin city

Dick Tracy

All this is is modern day slavery at its finest; Segregation, humiliation, abusiveness, HATRED from these lawgivers, and let’s not forget the media. NOT ALLOWED, NOT ALLOWED, NOT ALLOWED!! Back in slavery times they separated black families not caring the pain they suffered, and today the same thing is going on. Those that have to register are not allowed to see their children no matter if the registrants suffer or the children suffer, and the law givers do it all for the sake of keeping their job, and collecting a nice check at the end of the day. This has to be reduced one way or another. We’re at the point where the Media has made MURDERERS believe they are better than those convicted of these kinds of crimes. This is too much! Murderers are getting slapped on the hand while a man the sleeps with a 16 year old gets 30 years. Wake up people, we better fight for our rights