Reply To: Residency restrictions cut back in Wisconsin city

R. Arens

The biggest kick I get out of this is the lack of relevance or reason behind it. First off, something like 85% of victims are friends or family of the perpetrator. I guarantee ya that they weren’t trolling the sandbox to score with jailbait. If you have a 30 year old guy (for example) who got it on with a 15 year old girl (not likely to be in the sandbox) who he met in a chat room, what in the name of all that’s holy, does his circumstances have anything remotely to do with children who frequent city parks? Absolutely nothing! In Iowa, they did away with the 2000 foot law and justified that by stating that with it in place, they had no idea where the offenders were at any given time to check on them. They used to register homeless and sleep out of cars or friends houses in exclusion zones making the law useless because they couldn’t be found. The solution; residency exclusions are now barred but they have loiter laws. Sex offenders can live in what used to be a zone in Iowa but can’t go within 300 feet of schools, parks, daycares, libraries, etc. without written permission and proper notification. So far, it’s been a success. No one has abused this new system. My advice to you is to contact your legislator and recommend Iowa’s law as a platform for Minnesota to copy. Same for everyone else seeing this from other states. Get on the horn, spread the word. Tell your law makers how we do it here and that you guys want choices in where you live too. Remember, they can take s/o’s from society but they can’t keep society from s/o’s. The status quo harms more than it helps. It’s time for a change.