Reply To: Residency restrictions cut back in Wisconsin city


R. Arens

The funny thing about picking and choosing who gets what because of their criminal record, when it comes to choosing the lesser of 2 evils, a rental agency is more likely to rent out to a methamphetamine dealer/maker who’ll eventually trash their property, before they’ll rent to a sex offender. Drug dealers, gang members etc. have no respect for other people’s things. No respect for people in general. I was in Mount Pleasant correctional during their transition from s/o’s to drug inmates. I worked in the kitchen. Dude, most of the correctional staff complained that they wish they had the s/o’s back because they worked harder and we’re more respectful. The difference between them and us is that we are honestly grateful for a break when it comes and very rarely, will we ever steer ya wrong. There’s no stability with gangs and druggies in and out of jail stealing from the very hand that feeds them.