Reply To: Going home: Even sex offenders should be allowed to rejoin society

Bob Buckboardmann

The States and Counties Say, “You cannot Stereo Type a Person~!!!!!
“””””IT IS AGAINST THE LAW~!!!!!”””””””

But Isn’t that “””EXACTLY”””, what they are doing
with offenders, yet only 3 percent,
Ever Re-Offend~!!~???? Hmmmm ?

Shifting Gears, Megans List, is really, just a website for Vigilantes~!!!!
and for people, who are Bored~!!!!

Moreover, If a Pedophile or anyone for that matter,
REALLY wants a Child,
a Website, ISN’T GOING TO STOP THEM~!!! DUH~!!!
‘Nuff Said~!!!!

So, Stereotyping is acceptable, from the Government~!!!
Do as I say, Not as I do~!!! Seems to be the Govt.’s Message here~!!