Reply To: Residency restrictions cut back in Wisconsin city


You are not a sex offender!!!! 1 homosexual act does not make you a homosexual!!!!!!!!!! stealing a few times in your youth does not make you an habitual offender!!!!!!!! having social problems does not make you a socio-path!!!!!!! The law never has a right to block people from housing!!!! prevent people from employment!!!!!!! How many people have robbery charges does the law stipulate that those individuals shall never work in or near around etc…..lucrative businesses and a murderer can never be left alone with people they are angry and on and on and on!!!!!
Do we see why pillars in our u.s. law prevents inclusions/intrusions into private life or societal functions!!!!! not to mention the Constitutional violations of all fundamental rights to live free, happy and safe!!!!! for all americans!!!
The law is in Great violation for mutilating and sterilizing males for sex crimes!!!!!!!! this is never to be allowed!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!! So to Hell with God the Devil and Politicians and anyone who does not respect your rights!!!!!! Which are never lost!!!!!!!!! or forfeited or suspended or tampered with—-distorted!!!! Some people have support and love and money and power and sex and glory and others do not !!!!!!!! The minority does not depend on a worthless God or a watered down view of ex offenders “all offenders that is”….. some are charged under with crimes/sins by the law …..others are never even known to man kind!!!!! yet all sin and have done crimes knowingly or not!!!!