Reply To: Residency restrictions cut back in Wisconsin city


kind of living

so these people are not worried about drunk drivers living close to schools / daycare / parks? or drug dealers ? abusive police officers ? texting drivers ? it just seems to me that all world problems would just simply go away if the sex offenders were in there own state , well ok it is plain to see why they make stupid maps of bubbles ,,because they live in a bubble . in the real world with “rights” as long as your not breaking the law and being a good citizen people don’t get to dictate where you live , everyone knows that these kind of laws are just so the public get to feel like they have a hand in punishing people that the courts all ready punished , this is also punishment for the SO’s family including the children , the very ones these punishers clime to be trying to protect ,, its clear to see that the bubble children are the only ones that matter . Housing / Jobs / childcare / schools/ parks/church’s with schools all off limits to citizens as well as some magic number of 750ft or 5000ft don’t even matter really, “It is unconstitutional” , the SO’s that are lucky enough to have a job at the very least should never have to pay tax’s “EVER” and be paid for there time and trouble for having to move / childcare / child displacement of schools / security in case of vigilantes / enough to build / buy a house so they can live out side of the freak bubble zone . these haters should have to pay every dime if there going to make a whole city a gated community for there private little dog and pony show , everyone else has to pay for private police / laws / community’s / rules just for them outside of the constitution , I should have just saved my self time and said “lawsuit ugg!” “break bubble with club” caveman eat food / need home / need job / Need Library ugg use computer..