Reply To: Residency restrictions cut back in Wisconsin city


My son has to register as a sex offender. He would love to live with his brother in, West Saint Paul, Minnesota. However, the city of West Saint Paul passed an ordinance in December 2016 that made it illegal for a registered person to live within 1200 feet of a school or daycare facility, effectively cutting off the entire city to any registered person. When I called to find out where my son could live in West Saint Paul I was told repeatedly that there is a map online with “bubbles” and I needed to look at the map. Making it my sons responsibility to figure out this map of “bubbles”. When I finally found the map online I found that it was so poorly pixelated that you cannot even read the streets that are outside of the “bubbles”. I called back and I told the person that I could not read the map because it was too blurry and that they needed to tell me where he could and could not live because they were the ones that placed the “bubble” restrictions. Who do you contact to sue a city for blocking an entire city off from anyone living there?