Reply To: PA’s high court rules retroactive SORNA violates constitution


Spoke with ML section PSP today, they have no new info., said they are waiting to hear what the AGs office decides to do. I have two ten yr registrations from 2003 they combined them to make a life reg. Didn’t tell me that when I took a plea. I asked the PSP officer today on the phone if the A.S, decision got rid of the two or more thing to make life reg she said yes my tier 3 is from 2012 when they increased the time for Indecent assault 7, So the Muniz case should revert me back to a 10yr reg and they cant combine anymore to make life so my time should be up. Haven’t heard if DA Freed appeal has gone anywhere yet someone said the 19th of aug is the deadline others say 90days for them to appeal to SCOUS