Reply To: Going home: Even sex offenders should be allowed to rejoin society


I have so many issues with just the first part of what is said in this article. And I don’t have time to read the entire thing at this moment but I will later.

First: Why does EVERY sex “offense” need a rehabilitation? I had a rendezvous with a teen a year shy of legal age. I also didn’t want to continue because I was uncomfortable with it. It boosted my ego a bit as she was VERY attractive but I wasn’t comfortable. Why did I need sex offender treatment and why does anyone who rendezvous with a teen need it?
The way this and other article speak about how “sex offender treatment works” makes it seem as if they are talking about HABITUAL offenders who just can’t help themselves and have an attraction to minors or small children or raping women. That’s not every sex offense case.

Second; “Victims suffer more deeply and for longer than the rest of us can possibly imagine. I accept and affirm their lasting pain and the belief of many victims that the men who did this to them should suffer just as much”

Here we go with the “victim” thing again. And again I’ll say that I dont believe that teenagers who CHOOSE to engage and also LIE about their ages should be referred to as “victims”. That’s the legal systems b.s. to make a situation sound worse than it is for the purpose of A) Getting a conviction and B ) Fear mongering.
I was a teenager myself. I sowed my wild oats with an older woman. Don’t dare call ME a victim of something I enjoyed.

Is it a crime to break a law? Yes. Is it necessary to have to refer to the other person as a “victim”? No.
By constantly using the term “victim” there will never be any sympathy for any of us. Not even a smidgen of sympathy when we’re forced to live in tents and under bridges because : “victim”.