Reply To: CA judge “Turner-ed” by lying victim’s statement, fears recall


I gotta say, I am disheartened by the comments posted on this story and in other articles on this site. There are people that comment a lot who, I believe, have lost sight of the big picture here. We, as a class of individuals, are lobbying for a change to sex offender registration laws. We would be foolish to believe that only registered offenders peruse these articles and read these comments. If I’m being honest, if I was a non-registrant (or district attorney, or state legislator, etc) and reading this, I would feel like the registry is completely justified. Even as a registrant, if I ignored empirical evidence and only took these comments into consideration, I would feel like the registry was justified. Too many people on here want to deny that they caused harm, put blame on the victim, act as if their actions were justified. The only way that the registry gets abolished is if society begins to see us as no threat. The comments on this article, and throughout the site tell me that I have little to hope for. How very sad that the few must condemn the rest of us.

I have no doubt that some will take exception to this and “call me out.” I would suggest it likely that those who feel the need to do so, may be compelled by a guilty heart and that they are trying to convince themselves of their virtue rather than me or anyone else. But go ahead and put me on blast anyway.

Robin, et al, you guys do a great job. Best of luck.