Reply To: A call for journalists: Consider the ethics of truth about registered citizens



Listening to the President talk about this “Unite the Right” Rally in Charlottesville being favorited one over the other as unequality sounds like the President doesn’t want to put the blame on either side, all that aside for a minute or two.
Let us all look at these internet sex sting operations. Who is giving the opportunity at first? Who is on an adult chat site at first? Who is pretending to be someone that they are not? Yes, when reality comes to realism we find that whats really their is a government that presses the panic button on the american people all in the name of public safety.
Public Safety is someone on the street corner that prostitutes themselves and ask for your money in a real time situation not thru an internet situation. So that right there is an inbalance. Than they strive to get you to come down to meet and than dress it up as attempt.
Law enforcment are slick willy’s. Sure no one wants to admit their faults but believe it or not with these internet encounters it is the fault of the police duping the public thru internet. Sure the general public would love to hear of their next door neighbor get caught up when that neighbor could of just as well been caught up in this same situation. Newspapers don’t report the real truth. They try and glamorize it for one side.
Police should abandon all this deception. One can call a spade a spade or a spade a shovel, but the main thing is where does love come into all this picture. It doesn’t. It seems one side want’s to be right the other side wants to be right. This thing in Charlottes was about some statue about tearing it down because it was offensive to others. Well it stood their for a long time now someone say’s its time to tear it down. Lets all rally to tear it down.. Where is the reasoning in that. Should we now go around and tear down a naviety scene and yes we all know that they tore down the commandments but if we all come to reason on this sex offender issue one will find that law enforcment are going a bit too far in a lot of these matters.