Reply To: CA judge “Turner-ed” by lying victim’s statement, fears recall



In days gone by it was quite normal for young females to get involved with and marry much older men. There were no “short-shorts” or yoga pants back then. There was no Madonna or Lady Gaga.
If anything, the changing times should make the laws on age of consent a bit more lenient, not worse.
Let’s face it; we’ve all been teenagers with hormones.
We’ve all had crushes on older people. Lots of us had posters of Farrah Fawcet and Andy Gibb on our bedroom walls.
But, of you want to know what’s actually happening in today’s youth, they’re referring to older people as “creepy”. It’s very few these days (like this girl) who actually attempt to go for older men. They’re out there, but very few.
BTW, has anyone noticed how peculiar it is that whatever the legal age is for a particular state/region, it’s always the teens that are 1 yr under that age who actually hook up with older people? I’ve taken an observation of that. When these teens turn “of age”, suddenly they’re not interested in older guys anymore. As if they know they’re legal now so now it’s not so risky and cool. Just a thought I wanted to share and ask if anyone else has noticed it.