Reply To: CA judge “Turner-ed” by lying victim’s statement, fears recall

Darrel Hoffman

I can’t say I feel sorry for Sean, because if he weren’t looking to commit fornication, his sin wouldn’t have found him out. Until guys learn to keep it in their pants regardless until marriage, you’ll see more of this nonsense. I understand the little bimbo lied about her age, but so did Delilah to Samson and look what she did to him. That, of course, doesn’t let the judge off the hook because he’s scared about his own political future. When a person can go to prison just on the say-so of one person, that is NOT justice, and I have no doubt that that little bimbo had plenty to say in revenge about Sean, when she lied about her age to start with. She is just as guilty as he is. But, when judges finally get a backbone and stop ruling based on public opinion and by the Constitution again, this nonsense will stop. Also, it shows the wisdom our forefathers had when they wrote that federal judges are to be appointed for life to shield them from such public opinion. It’s too bad the States didn’t follow that example. Michigan is one of them and our CSC law states very clearly that “the testimony of a victim DOES NOT NEED TO BE COOPERATED in prosecutions under subsections 520 (b) through 520 (g)” (MCL 750.520 H). I don’t think I need to explain what that means, for it’s obvious-the State needs no other evidence to convict a person of Criminal Sexual Conduct than the testimony of a victim which does not need any support or substantiation. That’s how I got convicted. Scary, isn’t it?