Reply To: A call for journalists: Consider the ethics of truth about registered citizens


kind of living

journalism has been a thorn in the side of alleged sex offenders for a good many years , because (1) the journalist don’t ever really do the real foot work to see what both sides of the story is , no , what they do is put what ever spin on it necessary to sell papers , and you can bet it paints a picture of some one in a trench coat with a bag of gummy bears trying to pick children up , (2) the very same journalist have no idea bad how that truly is when it comes to picking a jury saying they read no papers or watched no news ,in most case’s of course that is a lie , prospective jurors read the papers and listen to the news and go to the court house with a twisted idea of punishment based on so called facts that journalist take no responsibility for as a result ending up in more plea deals with the courts , rather than fighting the case and winning ,(3) after the person or persons do their time they have to register as sex offenders even know the deal they made in court said nothing about having to register , you must understand that the person that did there time and parole not only are they on the registry but there family’s friend as well , cars they drive , for life! making it hard to hold jobs down , a secure home often ending up home less , very few journalist really point out how counter productive this is , even vigilantism is carried out on the these people / family , yet the press still cheerleading on this activity , only backing the agenda of what ever political ideology that is being pushed at the moment by some politician that’s only thinking of votes , ,,, whos job is it to report the truth based facts for all to see ?