Reply To: Why you should never, ever talk to police



What is so great about a country who allows its law enforcement to lie to get a confession?
Even if the suspect IS guilty, how can we be so proud of not being a third world country or even a fairly decent European country where the cops kick you around a bit first? Seems we abuse people by lying to them rather than physically harming them. To me, it’s the same thing, just done differently.
This man has basically said, in summary; You’re guilty until proven innocent. And contrary to what he said about the minds of the jury, we’re guilty until proven innocent the moment the handcuffs are put on us.

These type of “interrogations” have gotten a lot of innocent people convicted and spent years of their lives in prison before the days of the Innocence Project. What a damn shame. What’s so proud of by being an American? Smh.