Reply To: CA judge “Turner-ed” by lying victim’s statement, fears recall


I’ll be accused (as always) of lashing out and someone might tell me to “tone it down” but I HAVE to speak my piece on what was said by Tod;

” I have to agree with the judge.”

Because you have been conditioned to do so?

“Yes, he changed his mind after he heard from the victim – and isn’t she the most important person in this story. she (supposedly) lied about her age”….,

Here you offer up a very sharp double edged sword; you made it clear that you understand she lied about her age, then you say she’s a “victim” and she’s the important one in this issue. Ummm…so natural acts between sexual (post pubescent) human beings is the most drastic thing that could happen? (Taking into consideration that the legal age varies from one state to the next).
The same teenager who would produce a fake ID to get alcohol is still a “victim” of the person who sold them the alcohol because the teenager couldn’t possibly have understood what she was doing with a fake ID, right? Bad analogy? Ok, then let’s try this one – teenager (under legal sexual consent age who couldn’t possibly understand what sex is) finds daddy’s pistol and shoots his/her school bully.
Suddenly the teenager KNOWS right from wrong and must be convicted. But something NATURAL like sex (oh no! Not that!) and purposely LYING to get sex with an older person makes HER the “victim”?
Man, your P.O. and the SO Treament Group Leaders must love you! You’re saying everything the way they’ve conditioned you. Awesome!

” but I have rarely seen that hold up in any court.”

Well then it’s about time that nonsense changes, don’t you think? Or would you be in favor of someone LYING about YOU touching them while passing through a crowded grocery store isle? Would you surrender yourself and say “She lied about me rubbing against her in a sexual manner BUT she IS the victim in this case so therefore I’ll take the blame”.

“Bottom line, the guy had sex with an underaged girl and thought he was only going to have to spend a year in jail”

Bottom line; Teenagers should be held responsible for their own actions. I’d say this young girl borderlines “blackmail” with what she did to this guy. Since we were not given the lowdown on HOW their relationship got found out or even if she had threatened him with blackmail because he walked out on her when she finally told him her real age.

If more people who are RSO’s talk like you, we’ll NEVER get any changes to happen for us because the powers that be will figure that we’re all admitting guilt and that we agree with every punishment for any type of offense, even if we are lied to, mislead or even blackmailed into it.