Reply To: CA judge “Turner-ed” by lying victim’s statement, fears recall

Tod Siegel

I understand that a lot of what these articles are about on how SO’s are treated in society, this one, as a SO, I have to agree with the judge. Yes, he changed his mind after he heard from the victim – and isn’t she the most important person in this story. she (supposedly) lied about her age, but I have rarely seen that hold up in any court. Bottom line, the guy had sex with an underaged girl and thought he was only going to have to spend a year in jail. If it was in Colorado, he would have a MINIMUM of 10 to LIFE, this article doesn’t explain what the term the judge did decide, but I bet it is still not 10-life, some judges here would even go to 20-life. Just read a story of another female teacher getting pregnant by a teenage boy, 14, she will probably get a couple years, probably no prison time – again, in Colorado, if it was a man, would be 20-life. I think there needs to be some caution and care that there are many victims and SO’s commited those crimes – do the punishments always fit, not even close, lifetime registry, nope, but in this case, there was a victim, and cannot lose that fact in trying to feel sorry for a guy who probably knew she was under age.